The Best Ways to Train your Staff

The Best Way to Train your Staff With Video

Train Your Staff With Video Your staff is a large and extremely important part of your company. Therefore, it is vital to ensure each and every staff member is well trained. Video is a powerful medium through which you can efficiently and uniformly train your staff. Here’s why: 1) Time and money saver Staff-training videos […]

Business Videos are Different than Any Other Kind of Video

Business Videos are Different than Any Other Kind of Video

Business videos are different than any other kind of video. At Top Notch Cinema, we recently found this out for ourselves while creating and distributing our own business video. Videos give customers an overview of your product and company without bombarding them with text. The combination of entertainment, brand promotion, and distribution make business videos […]

Top Notch Cinema

Direct Response vs. Branding Advertisements

The decision between investing in direct response or branding advertisements is a tough one. Direct response advertisements have one goal—to increase sales. Branding, on the other hand, uses advertisements as a way to promote the company’s core values and build a high-quality reputation. In this digital age where T.V. is still prevalent, which option—direct response […]



With the technological age booming, companies are faced with a new question: which is best for my company—web promotional videos, T.V. commercials, or both? The answer is unique to your company, but an analysis of the two platforms—T.V. and the Internet—can help to determine which is the best fit for your company and the distribution […]

The First of its Kind (Top Notch Cinema)

The First of its Kind

Do me a favor. Take a moment to think of all of the production companies you know. Not coming up with many? Not surprising. Despite production companies’ integral role with nearly everything we watch, we rarely get to know the companies that are behind the work. Here at Top Notch Cinema, we are actively working […]

How Web Video Changed Video Marketing Forever

How Web Video Changed Video Marketing Forever

Web Video Marketing Basics: Years ago only big brands were able to do video marketing via television commercials. Today video marketing is a much different landscape because of the ability to harness the power of the internet. This is an over simplistic view and is commonly a misused methodology. Lets start with a view misconceptions […]

How to Choose Video Production Company

How to choose a video production company

How to choose a video production company When choosing a video production company for you should be looking for a few things: The company needs to take the time to learn enough about your business. This will help highlight what separates you form your competitors. A video production company that doesn’t ask you about your […]

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