Video Production

Top Notch Cinema Sizzle Reel

This compilation showcases the range and diversity that we provide to our clients through our expertise in video production.

Top Notch Cinema TV Commercial

This video is truly the first of its kind. it’s an advertisement for a production company, produced by the company itself. It’s not only telling prospective clients about Top Notch Cinema and the work we provide, but it’s an active example of our work.


Dollar Shave Club

Interview style company profile video with the founder and key staff members of Dollar Shave Club. The goal of this video was to showcase new product lines and introduce the faces behind this billion dollar brand. We created this video shortly before DSC was acquired by Unilever for $1 Billion.


Bonobos is a truly disruptive brand with a unique business model. This video was used to educate the market about Bonobos. It showcases the customer experience, which is their competitive advantage. Their forward-thinking sales process is paving the way to the future of retail.


Vanguard approached us with a specific style in mind. Adam, Vanguard’s founder, didn’t want a typical corporate video and leaned more towards an edgier look. This video not only demonstrates the benefits of using the product but also showcases the results through client testimonials.

The Four Seasons, New York

The Four Seasons wanted to showcase that even though they are a big brand, their team is dedicated to being hands-on in creating an amazing and personal hospitality experience. This video showcases the local products that are served at the Four Seasons Hotel New York.

Plastic Surgery

Neil Tanna is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been featured on such media outlets as The New York Times, Good Morning America, Daily News, Reuters, and ABC News. Even though Neil has all of these accolades, he still wanted his prospective clients to have a sense of who he is and feel comfortable before they walk into his office.


Logan and Trevor, the founders of Küdzoo, are on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Beings that Küdzoo targets students, the founders wanted a fun and friendly, personality-driven piece. We executed this by keep the atmosphere on set light and lively while still providing the viewer with information about upgrades to the app.

Viral Content


This is a fun viral piece that received 12.3 million views, 5 million from YouTube and 7.3 million from Facebook. Because of the success of this video, T-Mobile green-lit a second season which we also shot and edited. T-Mobile was very specific in wanting their branding to be subtle within the video and this was executed by the backdrop lighting and small insert shots that included their logo.


This is an edgy fun video where our client, Adgorithms, wanted to build a story in a way that was entertaining, informative, and would gain attention. This video even has some profanity. It reached over 60,000 Facebook views the first week of being dropped.

TV Spots

Book A Broker

Our client wanted to showcase the freedom in lifestyle that real estate provides brokers at his firm. He uses this video as a reciting tool for new hires and it has helped him acquire top performers who are not only motivated, but fun to work with.

Silknet TV Spot

Silknet is the largest telecom company in the country of Georgia. It is a subsidiary of the Silk Road Group which is one of the biggest investments firms in Eurasia. Within this video there are flashy special effect shots and the Rolling Stones song Start Me Up, which was licensed for the release of this commercial. The commercial stars Samy Naceri, a superstar in Europe known from Luc Besson’s Taxi series.


Dentists on Demand Animation

With this animation video we showcased an innovative new concept in a field that’s been operating the same way for decades. This video was not only used for promotional and marketing purposes but also was successful in helping the company raise capital.

Backpacks for Life

Brett is the founder of an awesome non profit 501-C3 organization that helps veterans who have lost their home. This animation showcases the storyline behind the hardships that the people who keep our borders safe face after arriving back home. It is used to educate both donors and the people in need about this worthy cause.



Whiteboard videos are great when explaining a product or service features within a short amount of time. If done properly, whiteboard videos both educate and entice viewers into becoming customers.


Sweet Ride

Michael had a very successful career and decided to pursue a passion project that turned into a business. The features of the product itself, the board, were showcased in this video and Michael, the founder, gives it a personal touch by narrating the piece.

Vanguard Fitness Kickstarter

Adam is a veteran in the fitness community and has changed countless lives by transforming bodies and giving people confidence through exercise. This video showcases the story and passion behind his product, The Body Hammer. His brand is steadily evolving into new product lines that are fun to use and effective.

Social Media

Royal Blue

With a clothing line, style is very important. We created a bulk series of videos (shot in one day) that had the visual and tonal feel that Royal Blue wanted. Packaging many videos is a way for our clients to get the most amount of content in a short period of time.


Successful liquor product campaigns typically incorporate apparel and allure revolving around sex. This high-end liquor brand is showcased in a way that will impact viewers. Bellion had a heavy emphasis on brand awareness because differentiating yourself in the liquor market is imperative.