Types of Corporate & Event Marketing Videos

Types of Corporate Videos

When you’re in the market for a corporate video, it’s best to start off knowing all of the different types of corporate videos available to you and your company. Not one type of corporate video is better than another, but there is most likely one that will fit your company’s needs best. Below, you will find a brief introduction to each of the different kinds of corporate videos to help you find which one will suit your company’s needs.

• Talking Head
• A talking head video is your typical “interview” setup. It is one of the most frequently requested types of corporate promotional videos. Talking head videos are defined by the “interview setup,” where a representative from your company talks about your business, product, or service.

• Promotional
• A promo video is defined by its focus on advertising. Whether it’s your business, product, or service being advertised, promo videos are great for explaining why customers should use your company’s product or service above any other.
• Voice-over with Visuals
• Videos that have voice-overs with visuals contain captivating visuals while a narrator—the voice-over—explains information about your company that you want the viewer to know.
• Explainer
• Explainer videos are great for describing what your company or product does. Explainer videos maximize “viewer comprehension:” viewers learn best with dual audio and video stimuli. Using this type of video will help viewers to really get to know your company or product.
• Staff-Training
• Video is the best way to train your staff. Staff-training videos reduce cost, accommodate different learning styles, and keep employees engaged.
• Homepage
• A corporate homepage video (found on the homepage of a company’s website) contains a concise, yet engaging, introduction to your company. Check out TNC’s homepage video here. A successful homepage video will leave the viewer with the feeling that they not only know your company, but also that they will choose your company the next time they need your particular product or service.
• Corporate Documentary
• Corporate documentaries are a fully integrative look into your company, product, or service. These videos are a visual and audio dissection of exactly what your company does. Corporate documentaries are usually longer than any other type of corporate video. This gives you more time to connect with your viewer.
• Meet the Team
• Meet the Team videos introduce your top-tier staff members to viewers. Introducing the heads of your company to potential- or current customers reduces the faceless, disconnected feeling they sometimes get from big (and small) corporations. Viewers want to feel “at-home” with your company, and Meet the Team videos accomplish just that.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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