Meet Top Notch Cinema!

Top Notch Cinema is a national video production company, based in New York, that specializes in creating video content specifically for businesses, large and small. We are dedicated to helping businesses grow their brands through high quality, professionally made video content. Though headquartered in New York, we have created videos for businesses all across the United States, helping them to grow their brands. We specialize in creating videos that will not only help your business gain exposure but will turn prospects into customers. Top Notch Cinema takes care of the entire video process, including scripting, location, casting shooting, editing, voice-over, and distribution.

Top Notch Cinema is a video production company in New York dedicated to helping businesses grow their brands via video.

Meet the TNC Team

Gregory Parker - Co-Founder & Head of Production (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Gregory Parker

Co-Founder & Head of Production

Greg Parker, one of the co-founders, is an Emmy award-winning producer who understands video production for business. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated himself to the complete understanding of Cinematography, Editing, and Sound. During that time, he attended School of Visual Arts and received a B.F.A. in Film and Video Production with a specialty in Directing. Before leaving the school he won two Dusty Awards, Most Outstanding Achievement in Film and Most Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography, recognized from a group of 180 film students and judged by a panel of renowned industry professionals and was presented the awards by Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn.

James Orfanos - Co-Founder & Principal (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

James Orfanos

Co-Founder & Principal

James is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for marketing and business. James and Greg are longtime friends who decided to start a business they believed in. James loves making businesses grow, so co-founding a video production company for business was a logical fit. He noticed how much video helped drive sales in another business ventures that he was a principal of. He firmly believes video marketing is the wave of the future. The other business James owns is New York Martial Arts Academy which was rated number one in all of North America by MP Power Summit, the largest martial arts convention in the world. He is the Vice President of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Maria’s Love Foundation. This amazing charity gives money to families in need due to medical expenses. He has a Masters in Global Finance from Fordham University.

Mitchell Miller - Producer (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Mitchell Miller


Mitchell Miller has six years experience in the entertainment industry, Mitch wanted a more integral role and made his way to becoming a producer rather than being on the representative side of entertainers. Mitch has worked with a wide variety of corporate clients in different fields including telecommunications, finance, sports and entertainment, and law.

Lylly Yakunovich - Head of Client Relations (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Lylly Yakunovich

Head of Client Relations

Passionate about film since she was five years old, Lylly is an all-around talent with years of experience in videography and film-scoring. After studying performance and film-scoring at Berklee College of Music, Lylly has even performed the national anthem at the Boston Celtics’ season opener. Thorough and highly organized, it’s Lylly’s skills as a people person and problem solver that have helped TNC grow into the company it is today.

Irene Triant - Coordinator (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Irene Triant


Irene has worked side-by-side with TNC’s co-founder, James Orfanos, for many years. She uses her expert critical reasoning skills to coordinate complicated logistics for our clients, overseeing their projects as well as overseeing TNC’s internal operations. Using skills she acquired while earning a degree in education, Irene applies structure, communication and adaptation to her work here at TNC.

Marco Vitale - Lead Cinematographer (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Marco Vitale

Lead Cinematographer

The consummate professional, Marco is an award-winning filmmaker with over 10 years experience in cinematography. During his career, which includes filming the Obama’s meeting with Castro in Cuba back in 2016, Marco has accrued numerous awards while working in Italy, including the 48- Hour Film Project Award and recently an award for Best Documentary for his latest film project. Marco’s knowledge and expertise of how lighting works is unparalleled. He truly understands how the right lighting can enhance any scene.

Christian Pindar - Director (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Christian Pindar


A seasoned filmmaker, Christian has 15 years of experience creating films and documentaries after attending the School for Visual Arts. Over those 15 years, Christian has shot and edited over 4,000 videos. As impressive as that may be, it’s the high-end quality of his work that truly speaks for itself. Christian continues to use his life experiences to tell compelling stories through the art of film.

Luka Funduk  - Director of Photography (Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Luka Funduk

Director of Photography

With over 10 years of experience as a DP, Luka is passionate about giving our clients the best product possible. Easy to work with and very detail-oriented, Luka’s creative vision for every project truly separates him from the pack. He makes his clients comfortable and confident in his ability to understand their vision and set it into motion.

Michael J. Kospiah - Lead Writer(Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Michael J. Kospiah

Lead Writer

An award-winning screenwriter and playwright, Michael began his writing career nearly 15 years ago as a sports columnist for several newspaper publications. It was only a matter of time before Michael would find his voice as a screenwriter. His first-produced feature film enjoyed a theatrical release and critical acclaim, winning awards at the prestigious Austin Film Festival and the Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood. Michael’s work has been featured on Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes (to name a few) and with several screenplays in development, including a feature film set to shoot early 2019, Michael continues to add to his impressive body of work.

Zoran Radulovic - Lead Writer(Meet Top Notch Cinema)

Zoran Radulovic

CG Generalist

After 10 years studying Fine Art and a degree in New Media Arts, Zoran discovered realized passion for Animation and VFX. With the urge to express his ideas fully on film. Having a solid background in shooting, directing and editing, he began exploring how visual effects can help to tell a better story. Since his learning began he has been part of numerous projects, where he’s used his expertise to visualize ideas in creating content for TNC. His talent and creativity is key asset for our clients.

Our Services

  • Promotional Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Staff Training Videos
  • Animation Videos
  • Videos For Your Website
  • WhiteBoard Videos
  • Commercials


  • Event Coverage
  • Tutorials and How-To Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Client Testimonials Company/Employee Profiles
  • Special Effects (CGI)
  • Photography

While many video production companies have smaller teams, often two or three people handling the bulk of the workload, Top Notch Cinema’s production team is comprised of 28 industry professionals. Due to our large staff, we are able to take on multiple projects at once. For a smaller production company, taking on more than three or four projects often means one of their clients is getting pushed to the back of the line. Not at Top Notch Cinema. Each staff member is instrumental in ensuring that your video is of the highest quality, handling specific duties of which they are trained and experienced in. There are no weak links in our company.

We work with startups to industry leaders

Jonathon Francis

“Top Notch Cinema has the ability to translate our ideas into a wide array of video projects from animation, infographic, documentary, interviews, and pilots. Greg Parker, one of the Founders of Top Notch Cinema, has passion that shaped our product and company culture. We owe a lot to Greg and the Team at Top Notch Cinema for believing in us since day one!”

Jonathon Francis, COO & Co-Founder of Elite Daily

Logan Cohen

“The Top Notch team goes above and beyond to ensure your brand’s voice is communicated through an overall quality product. Working with them was a pleasure. They felt like an extension of our team. In terms of quality, consistency and professionalism they are one of the best groups we have worked with.”

Logan Cohen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Kudzoo Mobile App

Michael Iakovou

“Point blank… Hiring Top Notch Cinema to do my firm’s commercial was the best marketing decision I ever made. My biggest fear was paying for and getting another one of those corny law firm commercials. Top Notch Cinema calmed my fears and immediately went to work with an efficient, cost effective strategy. I gave them a brief description of what i wanted and they turned my vision into commercial gold. They put a face to the firm I have worked tirelessly to build, and my clients have noticed. Time and time again I get compliments upon initial intake of clients.”

Michael Iakovou, CEO & Founder, Michael Iakovou and Associates, P.C.

Mike Tropper

“I had interviewed many videographers before choosing to go with Top Notch Cinema. From the moment I spoke with Greg, I knew that he was the person to meet the challenge. I had looked at sample videos from videographers from bigger production companies with more years of experience, but TNC’s samples were just, well… better. A lot better. Greg really knows how to be resourceful and use creativity to make your video look and sound far above its budget. He put so much enthusiasm, passion, and attention to detail into my video. One last thing worthy of mentioning. Greg is someone that focuses on the solution. He is a can-do guy and will never tell you about a problem or limitation without suggesting a solution. I eagerly look forward to hiring TNC for my next video project.”

Mike Tropper, Innovator of The Sweet Ride

Town Square Trading

“Working with the Top Notch crew was an all around enjoyable and seamless experience. The project was carried out with the highest quality and with an impressive turn-around time. We will definitely work with them again.”

Town Square Trading, The Culture of Winning

Preston Brown

“Top Notch Cinema talks the talk and walks the walk! Their company name speaks volumes for the kind of service they provide- Top Notch- from start to finish. It was an absolute pleasure to work with their team. As I am someone with no experience in this venue, they did the perfect amount of hand holding while still adding their expertise to ensure we ended up with the best product possible. Communication was effortless even though we live on opposite sides of the country. Responsive and professional. They were spot on with their timeline and held true to every commitment with a meeting or chat. We absolutely love the video they created and are certain that it will be hugely beneficial to our growth and visibility. Can’t say enough good things about them! Thanks to everyone.”

Preston Brown, DDS

Yoosuk Kee

“Working with Top Notch is like having your own video advertising department inside of the company. They are professional, available to communicate, understand, and provide expertise, and most importantly they have talent to execute. Brief fact on actual sales data shows 9% increase in sales from 9 days before to after implementing Top Notch video vs. the old video we were using.”

Yoosuk Kee, Owner, E5USA Black Mask

“Bonobos was offered a lucrative $310,000,000 deal from Walmart. Dollar Shave Club was acquired for $1,000,000,000 by Unilever. Plated was purchased by Albertsons for $200,000,000. They all have one thing in common: each one had a branding video that was designed and distributed by us. A short time after these videos were publicly shown, these start-up organizations received their profitable solicitations.”

ABC article featuring Top Notch Cinema

“Dollar Shave Club was acquired by Unilever for $1B. Shortly before being acquired, they hired Top Notch Cinema Video Production to tell their story and introduce the faces behind this growing billion-dollar company.”

Forbes article featuring Top Notch Cinema

“Video grabs your attention and piques your interest like no other medium.”

Forbes article featuring Top Notch Cinema

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