How to Choose a Production Team to Create Your Company Overview Video

We’ve previously talked about the power of video marketing and the benefits it has on a company’s branding. As this innovative marketing tactic isn’t going away any time soon, it’s time to start thinking about how you can incorporate this practice into your business.

The greatest way to get started is by creating a company overview video, which essentially features who you are as a business and what value you bring to customers. It is meant to be placed on either a landing page or the main homepage of your website and highlight the most engaging aspects of your company.

Now before you go out and hire the first kid with a camera you find, take a few minutes to look through these eight tips you should consider when hiring a video production team. From a company overview video and social media ads to product demos, choosing the right company can make the difference between a successful campaign and a clip sitting on your site with zero hits.

1. Should Know Your Audience

Companies that outsource work can lead to both poor quality and a lower sense of accountability. When a video ad is produced, the script plays a crucial role in converting leads into paying customers. Even with the most breathtaking graphics, a bad script can ruin a video. If you don’t believe us, go watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace again.

A team of on-staff writers will be responsible for designing a script based on the expectations of the producers. They are able to work together closely throughout the process, ensuring that each scene fits the visual and verbal needs. Outsourced work also means more frequent delays in correspondence, miscommunications, and work that may not even be completed at all.

3. Specialize in Making Business Videos

With a spread of videography devices floating around the world that ranges from the most expensive cameras to basic smartphones, just about anyone can create videos now. But only a small percentage of anyone claiming to provide value for a company’s video production needs can truly deliver.

When searching for someone to create your company overview video, it is vital they have experience in planning, producing, and even specializing in the business industry. Value comes from talent as well as an understanding of what business details should be included.

4. Use Videos to Market Their Own Business

Let’s pretend you are planning to hire someone to create a new website for you. Can you imagine asking to see their website as an example of what they can do, only to find out they don’t have one? Whether it’s a web designer without a homepage, a personal trainer who doesn’t work out, or a travel agent who has never left their hometown, it’s rarely a good idea to work with people who don’t practice what they preach.

One the same track, if a video production company isn’t using videos to promote their own services, how can you trust them to do it for you? A portfolio of work they’ve done for others is helpful, but you should also be able to see how well they understand their own industry before trusting them to work on yours.

5. Knowledge of the Best Platforms to Post On

Even after you’ve produced a company overview video you absolutely love, you’ll need to know where to share it. While your first thought might be “EVERYWHERE!”, you may want to take a step back and really determine what will be most effective.

Recognizing the best websites, networks, and platforms to post your video on should be common knowledge for your video production team. They can help you identify social media strategies and whether the video should be promoted using ad services. Everything from where the ad is shared to where the link takes each viewer makes a difference in how successful the campaign will be.

6. Understanding of the Marketing Funnel

Videos play a key role in moving potential clients through what is commonly referred to as the marketing funnel. Different clips are used to spark specific emotions that lead these individuals from step to step.

From developing interest in your product and teaching about its uses to helping potential buyers evaluate their needs and helping them justify the purchase are a few of the essential functions you should consider when producing videos. Viewing a company overview video can be the first step to sending a customer down this path to a purchase.

7. Hiring An Actor or Featuring an Employee

While it’s nice to have this as an option, the decision is ultimately up to you as the business owner. When producing a video, you’ll find a variety of benefits to using professional talent to stand in for your business. But there are also companies who will find more success by using a team leader or employee instead. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each:


  • Select a specific “look” to represent your company
  • Confident and professional presence
  • Ability to memorize lines for longer or more in-depth scripts
  • No concern when it comes to employee turnover


  • Give your brand a face customers will know and recognize when they work with you
  • Add credibility to the video, making it more authentic
  • Show the character and disposition of the company
  • A look behind the scenes at the natural process gives the video a personal touch

8. Understanding of Web Tools

Once a video has been created, some production companies may want to make their process as simple as possible by posting it on your site’s internal video player. Many web development tools like Wix and Shopify provide access to free video publishing apps, but these aren’t always the best answer for sharing your clips. They can be clunky, outdated, and severely affect the quality of your videos.

Instead of taking shortcuts, when focusing on production, it is imperative to follow the necessary steps to ensure the video runs smoothly from start to finish. You should always choose a company that uses paid versions of sites like Vimeo, which provide a great option to maintain a high level of quality while also making sure there is limited buffering or load times.

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