Whimsical Sweets Case Study: Sweet Videos to Boost Subscriptions

Client: Whimsical Sweets

As a specialty cookie company based out of Brooklyn, NY and led by founder Esty Hirsch, Whimsical Sweets has a great product line with multiple ways to enjoy their delicious treats. Whether your interest is in their subscription-based model or a pre-packaged cookie gram, you’re sure to find something to tantalize your tastebuds.

Esty has been in the baking and design industry for many years with experience creating custom cookies for everything from birthday parties to weddings and everything in between. Using her expertise and history of teaching others how to make and decorate cookies, she now can share that service with people all over the United States.

Whimsical Sweets Logo on a cookie

Whimsical Sweets offers a subscription where they send customers a pre-made batch of cookies with all the frosting, sprinkles, and other fixings needed to create beautiful and tasty designs. Each month follows a new theme to keep the experience exciting and new with every box. Customers may simply make their own designs or they can follow the online video tutorials that offer clear step-by-step instructions.

They also offer an additional product, which they lovingly call Cookie Grams. These special treats come with an assortment of cookies that each have one word on them to create a message. The recipient can use the clue on the jar to unscramble the letters and find the secret note meant just for them.

To reach their client base, Whimsical Sweets knew that video would be an essential part of their marketing strategy and chose Top Notch Cinema to help them through this process.


While there may be other cookie subscriptions out there, few to none of them are utilizing the power of video to achieve their marketing objectives. Whimsical Sweets realized this early and wanted to get ahead of the curve right out of the gate. They wanted to ensure their customers got the full experience to match their colorful branding and fun packaging.

As Whimsical researched video production companies online, they felt the team here at Top Notch Cinema stood out from the competition in numerous ways. Among the most telling was the fact that we were using videos to promote our own business and that we also had a strong video portfolio on our website.

Cookie Kit Subscription Screen - Whimsical Sweets


The main goal for the Whimsical Sweets video campaign was to promote both the subscription service and the Cookie Grams. While this presented a potential challenge, Top Notch Cinema accepted and chose to make that the aim of the video production. The ultimate objective was to create a drip campaign of video content to use on the website and promote on social media channels.

Communicating with the Whimsical Sweets marketing team, their main intent was to share pieces of micro content that could easily be used anywhere.

It was also decided that photos would be taken during the shoots to be used as marketing tools across various platforms. 


During the planning phase, our co-founder James Orfanos worked closely with Esty and the Whimsical Sweets team to learn and understand everything he could about their business, their product, and who they were trying to reach. Recognizing their target audience would be essential for creating content that was focused and geared towards the right people.

Based on their business model and these other factors, the final deliverable would include:

  • One brand video discussing both the subscription service and the Cookie Grams (>90 seconds)
  • Another version of the brand video covering both topics again (<60 seconds)
  • An explainer video about the Cookie Grams (<60 seconds)
  • Micro content videos that could easily be shared on social media channels
  • Photos taken during the filming process that could be used as promotional material

The main brand video would be created as a 90+ second clip that would mainly focus on the cookie subscription service with a short message about the Cookie Grams at the end. Subsequent videos would be created to share and promote on channels that required shorter content.

Part of the planning process was to find a reputable voiceover artist, cast a mother and daughter to be in the featured video, and write scripts that fit the content. Top Notch Cinema also worked with a friend of Whimsical Sweets owners to use their kitchen as the location for filming the content.

End Result

The pre-production and production processes were managed and led by co-founder Greg Parker to ensure every aspect of the video turned out perfectly. Emphasis was placed on reaching a target audience that included mothers and daughters who were looking for new activities to do together.


“It was really easy to tell that Top Notch Cinema knows what they’re doing…It really stood out how smoothly the process went from beginning to end showing that they were experienced and reputable.” – Esty Hirsch

Esty Hirsch shared her thoughts about Top Notch Cinema, the steps involved, and the final outcome of video content. She felt the pricing was fair and affordable for what they wanted, especially when compared to the pricing they received from other video production companies. She was also grateful for James and Greg taking a great deal of time to learn about her business and understanding what her brand was all about.

Marking the main brand video as her favorite piece of content created by Top Notch, Esty said she felt it perfectly reached out to her target audience and would be a huge factor in attracting those individuals to her website and offerings.

When asked about what she thought about the process, Esty said the biggest difference came when she allowed herself to put full creative control into James and Greg’s hands along with their professional team…

“I put my confidence in Top Notch Cinema and allowed them to do what they do best. They were really on top of things and when they took over, everything really worked out well.” – Esty Hirsch