Video Production

Top Notch Cinema Sizzle Reel

This compilation showcases the range and diversity that we provide to our clients through our expertise in video production.

Top Notch Cinema TV Commercial

This video is truly the first of its kind. it’s an advertisement for a production company, produced by the company itself. It’s not only telling prospective clients about Top Notch Cinema and the work we provide, but it’s an active example of our work.


Dollar Shave Club

For this promo video, we interviewed Michael Dubin, the founder of Dollar Shave Club. Here, we emphasized his position as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. We also interviewed key behind-the-scenes players who are not normally seen. The goal here was to show the faces behind the brand and showcase their connection with their customers while also soft-selling new product offerings.


The goal with this promo video was to show the customer experience, while simultaneously explaining their disruptive business model. We scripted prior to filming and shot at three separate locations. To give the viewer a true customer experience, we hired an actor to do a walk-through of the store as if they were an actual customer. The point-of-view shots, swish pans and fast cutting style made the viewer feel like they were actually there.


Vanguard approached us with a specific style in mind. Adam, Vanguard’s founder, didn’t want a typical corporate video and leaned more towards an edgier look. This video not only demonstrates the benefits of using the product but also showcases the results through client testimonials.

The Four Seasons, New York

The Four Seasons wanted to showcase that even though they are a big brand, their team is dedicated to being hands-on in creating an amazing and personal hospitality experience. This video showcases the local products that are served at the Four Seasons Hotel New York.


We interviewed the co-founders, who explained to us the problem that their company was solving: People don’t know what to eat for dinner when they’re too busy. People work long hours and are often too busy to shop for groceries themselves. Plated is the solution because the food is delivered right to their door. Through this interview, we told a story that really connected them with their customers and the viewer. On top of that, the co-founders did a great job of explaining some of the benefits of ordering through Plated, emphasizing that they are a health-conscious brand. In this video, we took beauty shots of the food and really showcased the user experience.

Plastic Surgery

Neil Tanna is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been featured on such media outlets as The New York Times, Good Morning America, Daily News, Reuters, and ABC News. Even though Neil has all of these accolades, he still wanted his prospective clients to have a sense of who he is and feel comfortable before they walk into his office.


Logan and Trevor, the founders of Küdzoo, are on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Beings that Küdzoo targets students, the founders wanted a fun and friendly, personality-driven piece. We executed this by keep the atmosphere on set light and lively while still providing the viewer with information about upgrades to the app.

Viral Content


This is a fun viral piece that received 12.3 million views, 5 million from YouTube and 7.3 million from Facebook. Because of the success of this video, T-Mobile green-lit a second season which we also shot and edited. T-Mobile was very specific in wanting their branding to be subtle within the video and this was executed by the backdrop lighting and small insert shots that included their logo.


This project was completed in less than a month from the final concept to the final cut. The services rendered included concept creation, scriptwriting, casting actors, shooting, and final VFX rendering. The piece received 167,762 views to date. Horze is a multinational brand that operates in 43 countries and is a leader in the manufacturing horse apparel.


This is an edgy fun video where our client, Adgorithms, wanted to build a story in a way that was entertaining, informative, and would gain attention. This video even has some profanity. It reached over 60,000 Facebook views the first week of being dropped.

Social Media


Following its successful pitch on the wildly popular TV show, Shark Tank, Bombas was launched in 2013 and is universally recognized today as the world’s most comfortable sock. Not only are these re-engineered socks comfy, but for every pair sold, another pair is donated to charity. The idea behind the company’s philanthropic mission came when Bombas co- founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg were working together at a lifestyle website and noticed a Facebook post about homeless shelters struggling to find socks. For this social media video, Bombas featured NBA star and recent top draft pick, Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba as its principal actor.

Camp Transformation Center

Camp Transformation Center ran a promotion for a free six-week plan to help people transform their bodies. This promotion included a meal plan, supplement guide, grocery list and unlimited work-out time with a personal trainer. This video really showcases our motion graphics capabilities each time the principal actor flips the card she’s holding.

Ready Grip Technology

Ready Grip Technology is a revolutionary golf product that was picked up by 350 media outlets after the launch of the video we created for them. Our video was a focal point of their media kit and helped the various media outlets understand the unique product and it’s capabilities. The edgy tone was something that the founder knew he wanted from the beginning, and he is ecstatic that we were able to make his vision come to life.

Absolute NY

Absolute NY was looking for a lifestyle branding video and TNC handled all logistic aspects including, casting models and securing locations to ensure that their time pressured shoot would be a success. Absolute NY is a beauty supply company who’s brand continues to grow through the use of video marketing.

Royal Blue

With a clothing line, style is very important. We created a bulk series of videos (shot in one day) that had the visual and tonal feel that Royal Blue wanted. Packaging many videos is a way for our clients to get the most amount of content in a short period of time.

Fit for Life

This entire video is comprised by close up macro shots of the Fit For Life rings. Our team spent countless hours finding and testing the best lens flair options to achieve the desired visual effect on the viewer. This visual style lends itself to showcasing the beauty of the product while distinguish the brand. TNC went so far as to hire a pianist to record the rendition of the song.

Personal Trainer

This is one of the many short videos we made for T.J. with the intention of distributing numerous videos throughout the various social media channels. T.J. uses social media to acquire most of his customers and creating short videos is a successful strategy to increase conversion rates.


Successful liquor product campaigns typically incorporate apparel and allure revolving around sex. This high-end liquor brand is showcased in a way that will impact viewers. Bellion had a heavy emphasis on brand awareness because differentiating yourself in the liquor market is imperative.

TV Spots


This 30-second TV spot for, a new show on Bloomberg TV, featured actor Asia Kate Dillon (lead actor on the Showtime hit Billions and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black)as their spokesperson. Asia’s magnetic screen presence and delivery really captured the overall essence of this dynamic new show., similar to Shark Tank, is the only equity crowd-funding platform of its kind, giving up-and-coming business owners the opportunity to pitch their brand to investors from all over the world.


Lodel, a unique online food delivery service, connects foodies with their favorite restaurants located in their area. This video in particular was a 30-second TV spot, but we’ve also created a one-minute video as well as two 15-second spots for social media, one of which was a recruitment video for prospective employees. These videos were just as fun to make as they are to watch.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is a green energy company that provides alternative energy to homeowners in New York, California, New Jersey and Florida. Their use of video visualized how customers help save on electricity costs while simultaneously helping the environment.

Victory Church

Victory Church wanted a hard hitting, emotion driven, attention grabbing, non-stereotypical video that would stay with the viewer. Since the release of this commercial, as well as four other videos we created for them, they have increased membership rates at their parish. Victory Church has ministries in seven countries around the world.

Silknet TV Spot

Silknet is the largest telecom company in the country of Georgia. It is a subsidiary of the Silk Road Group which is one of the biggest investments firms in Eurasia. Within this video there are flashy special effect shots and the Rolling Stones song Start Me Up, which was licensed for the release of this commercial. The commercial stars Samy Naceri, a superstar in Europe known from Luc Besson’s Taxi series.

Book A Broker

Our client wanted to showcase the freedom in lifestyle that real estate provides brokers at his firm. He uses this video as a reciting tool for new hires and it has helped him acquire top performers who are not only motivated, but fun to work with.

Friends of Crown Heights

For more than four decades Friends of Crown Heights has been the premier provider of exemplary child care and early childhood eduction services in the City of New York. Today, the organization is among New York’s largest and most comprehensive providers of group day care, Universal Pre-Kindergarten and after-school programs in some 15 full-service centers across the borough of Brooklyn and beyond.

Pintal Coffee

In this video, Pintail Coffee showcases their whole process behind creating the perfect cup of coffee, capturing the essence of their brand and exemplifying their mastery of the art of coffee-making. Creating the perfect cup of coffee for decades, it all starts with the quality of the beans, which they source, purchase and ship to their impressive Long Island manufacturing facility where this video was shot. It’s impossible to watch this and not crave a cup for yourself.

Crowd Funding


A long standing client of ours, Shux approached us with their new line of performance wear that was specifically engineered to be packable in a unique pouch. This new line also featured a detachable hood that is compatible with any style of shirt, the only product of its kind. This Nike-esque video was shot in several locations across the country, including New York, Chicago, Seattle and the Grand Canyon.

Handle Plus

Handle Plus a great, innovative new way to secure your tablet when you’re on the go. Not only that, but it doubles as a sturdy, easy-to-use stand to keep your tablet in a fixed position. Hassle-free and easy to carry, Handle Plus makes working and watching your favorite movies and TV shows easy, no matter where you are. This video displays just how convenient, innovative and easy-to-use this product is.

Elemental Path (CogniToys)

CogniToys is an Elemental Path product that has been featured on numerous publications including Mashable, Yahoo! Tech, New York Observer, Wired, and Gizmodo. They came to us to complete their latest crowdfunding video featuring their latest product (StemoSoar) powered by IMB Watson Technology. Elemental path has received $4.25 Million Dollars In Funding to date and is continuing to grow it’s reach.

Clip & Talk

This revolutionary and sleek everyday product was showcased in our video and the viewer gets to meet the people behind the brand. This unique product tracks numerous health vitals of the user and was invented by the founder of the company after a life threatening situation forced him into creating Clip and Talk.

Lexip Gaming Mouse (Kickstarter)

Lexip is a revolutionary mouse that is taking the gaming world by storm. We wrote, casted, shot, created the 3D VFX and edited this project. Lexip set a goal on Kickstarter of $30,000 and blew past this benchmark, raising $75,000 on its first day and an amazing $1,022,086 to date.


Dentists on Demand Animation

With this animation video we showcased an innovative new concept in a field that’s been operating the same way for decades. This video was not only used for promotional and marketing purposes but also was successful in helping the company raise capital.

Backpacks for Life

Brett is the founder of an awesome non profit 501-C3 organization that helps veterans who have lost their home. This animation showcases the storyline behind the hardships that the people who keep our borders safe face after arriving back home. It is used to educate both donors and the people in need about this worthy cause.



Whiteboard videos are great when explaining a product or service features within a short amount of time. If done properly, whiteboard videos both educate and entice viewers into becoming customers.


Top Notch Cinema VFX Reel

These days more brands are backing ideas that lend themselves to the use of Visual Effects. Thanks to technology we are able to make these concepts come to life. If you can think it, we can get it to the screen. We utilize the latest techniques in previsualization to ensure that we are communicating the visuals to you throughout the entire process. VFX are a great eye catching addition to your video that will buy real estate in the viewers mind, and cement your brand in their brain.

3D Animation


This video showcases TNC’s top-of-the-line 3D animation and motion graphics capabilities and state-of-the-art special effects. It’s hard to imagine that the turn-around on this video was only two months, which is unheard of.