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    Video Ad Production

    From social media networks to television, video advertising is an ever-growing resource that will be around for the rest of time. Commercials, advertisements, and other promotional videos are among the most beneficial marketing tools for companies across any industry.

    Basically, video ads are everywhere.

    Videos ads displayed all over Times Square in New York City.

    A video ad production team like Top Notch Cinema can help your business tap into this incredible source of visibility while also increasing conversions and overall brand awareness.

    What is a Video Ad?

    You’ll find a wide range of definitions from various marketers when it comes to this effective marketing tactic. In their purest form, video ads are created to be viewed across specific platforms as they promote everything from company products and services to charitable organizations and trending movements.

    Though the use of video advertisement production was once only used on television, it has since expanded to new avenues like websites, social media, and even mobile applications. Marketers love to create video ads due to their affordability, efficiency, and adaptability to current needs.

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    Types of Video Ads

    As the list of places video ads can be shared continues to grow, so do the kinds of advertisements you can choose from.

    Most videos are created based on where they will be posted upon completion. Because of formatting, time constraints, and other factors, the type of video ad production you make will decide whether it will go on social media networks like YouTube and Facebook or on another resource.


    Still recognized as the “king of social media”, Facebook is used by more than 60% of people who have internet access, adding up to over 2.45 billion monthly active users. These statistics alone are more than enough to stress the importance of creating video ads for Facebook.

    It is crucial to understand the requirements and limitations when sharing videos on this massive social platform to make sure it functions properly. A few of the specs to consider with Facebook are the video ratio, file size, video length, captions, and more.


    Did you know more than 60% of videos viewed on Instagram are watched with the sound on? This is significantly higher than Facebook and makes it clear how vital the use of engaging voices, music, and effects are when making video ads for Instagram.

    This option also offers a much more limited amount of time for you to share information, with a maximum of only two minutes available for Instagram video ads. That means you’ll need to grab the viewer’s attention quickly while also getting your point across soon after.

    YouTube is one of the best places for your video ads


    As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube has over 2 billion active users. When it comes to video ads for YouTube, you’ll have a great selection of ways to catch and keep the attention of potential customers.

    YouTube video ads can be shared with added options to prevent people from being able to skip them, depending on the length and preferences you choose. They also offer the added benefit of deciding where you want the video to show up on the page including the standard video slot, as an overlay, a bumper ad, or on sponsored cards.


    Are you a B2B company looking to attract the attention of other professionals? One of the best ways to market your products or services is with video ads on LinkedIn. Created as a business networking platform, you’ll have the opportunity to advertise to high-level executives, marketing managers, and other decision-makers.

    A lot of these individuals are mindful of their time, making it essential to create LinkedIn video ads that are short and concise while still sharing all of the most important information a CEO or likewise would want to know.


    With more than 2.5 million apps on the Google Play Store and over 1.8 million on the Apple App Store, there is a huge opportunity to create video ads for apps as well. These brief advertisements are often used as incentives within games as well as during pauses between other app content.

    Business owners can make app video ads that are both vertical and horizontal, allowing them to be shared based on the layout of the apps they are promoted on.

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    Benefits of Video Ads

    Especially when working with a top-rated video ad production company, a brand can experience a vast amount of advantages to their marketing efforts.

    Filming video advertisements takes experience, skill, and deep industry knowledge.

    Video Ads are Memorable

    According to the innovative software company TechJury, more than 80% of people can recall a video advertisement they have seen in the past 30 days. When these videos are created, the use of humor, history, education, facts, and other engaging content helps your company stand out among the crowd.

    Establish Trust in Your Brand

    Creative storytelling and a clear vision are the keys to developing video ads that will build trust in a brand and make you an authority in your field. Advertisements are a way for your company to show what you’re all about and why a potential customer would choose your product or service over a competitor.

    Easier to Watch Than to Read

    The same way that most people in the world would prefer to watch a movie than read a book, a staggering 72% of consumers would rather view a video ad than read through written promotional content from a brand. With videos, you can tap into creativity, imagination, and emotion that may otherwise be more difficult for someone to do on their own.

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    Let Top Notch Cinema Make Video Ads for You!

    Are you ready to use video advertising as part of your marketing strategies? Trust the Emmy Award-winning crew at Top Notch Cinema to take on your project and create the best video ads for you! Based in New York, we serve companies all over the country to ensure their video content is engaging and converts.

    Count on our video ad production team to handle:

    • Concept Development
    • Scripting
    • Casting
    • Location Scouting
    • Shooting
    • Post-production
    • Visual Effects

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